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7 Safety Rules from All Star Jumpers of Corona Del Mar

Kiddie parties are made much more enjoyable with inflatable jumpers and bounce houses in Corona Del Mar. They’re also made much safer if rules for safety are observed at all times. As the provider or high quality and safe jumpers, we at All Star Jumpers of Corona Del Mar make a point of always showing our clients the safety features of our products and guiding them with rules that they and their kids should observe at all times.

We have put together the seven safety rules that everyone should follow whenever they are using our party jumpers to ensure safety and to make the party a lot more enjoyable.

1. Kids must be supervised by an adult at all times

Parents or guardians must always keep an eye on kids whenever they are playing in the jumpers. This must be observed whether our staff is around or not to ensure maximum safety.

2. Take note of the jumper’s capacity

We want every kid in the party to enjoy our jumpers, but each jumper has a maximum capacity. It can only serve a specific number of kids and weight at a time. Kids must take turns in order to observe this very important rule.

3. When outdoors, jumpers are not be used on severe weather conditions

Kids may get injured when using jumpers outdoors under severe weather conditions such as strong winds or rain. Jumpers must only be used under fair weather condition.

4. Kids with physical disability are not allowed in the jumper

Playing in the jumpers is very exerting. We advise that kids with physical impairment are not to be allowed in them, especially those with head, neck and bone injuries and ailments.

5. Shoes and other wearables are to removed

Shoes, eyeglasses, necklaces and other wearables are not allowed in the bounce houses and jumpers, as these could puncture them. When deflated, kids could get out of balance and cause injury. Pockets must be emptied before entering the inflatables.

6. Hot objects are not allowed

Hot objects are not allowed around or inside the inflatables. These could injure the occupants or cause damage to the bounce house.

7. Food, candy, face paint and silly string are not allowed

These and similar items are absolutely not allowed inside or near any of the jumpers. They may cause injury to other kids at play and damage to the inflatables.

We at All Star Jumpers of Corona Del Mar are committed to providing total fun and entertainment to every party that we serve. We’re also committed to safety. Which is why we make a point of ensuring that all of the safety rules are being observed while your kids are engaged in fun activities in our jumpers and bounce houses.

With safety comes more fun and happiness.

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