Renting Inflatable Jumper

Safety Features To Consider When Renting An Inflatable Jumper

An inflatable jumper rental can be the ultimate fun experience for kids at a birthday, school carnival, or any other special event. Although, where there is high fun, there is also a higher risk of safety related issues. Be aware of these safety concerns when looking into hiring an inflatable jumper rental through a party rental company:


  • Easily-Accessible Entrances and Exits.


Children need to be able to easily and safely find their way in and out of an inflatable jumper. If a child is scared of the commotion going on inside of the jumper, then that child needs to be able to access the exit. Easily accessible entrances and exits also benefit the parents, making it easy for them to get to a child if an emergency occurs.


  • Slide Safety Nets.


If a child should accidentally fall off the side of a slide, or if another child is rough housing and pushes them off, it is important to have a safety net attached to the sides of the slide. Inflatable jumpers tend to get kids riled up, wanting to pull off “crazy” moves, and a safety nets takes the worry out of the kids using the jumper how they want to.


  • Water Slides With Inflatable Pool Floors.


Kids are sure to try to whip down a water slide as fast as they can, and a slide without an inflatable pool floor at the bottom will make for a hard landing. Your kids will be protected from any injuries caused by slamming into a rock-hard surface, rather than landing on an inflatable floor.


  • Adequate Installation and Anchoring Tools.


It is imperative to everyone involved in enjoying an inflatable jumper that the rental company performs adequate and proper installation and anchoring techniques with solid tools. An inflatable jumper needs to have at least 4 anchoring points with strong stakes and straps, and the bigger the inflatable, the more lines it may need.


  • Choose a Jumper Without Lead Materials.


In the past, inflatable rental manufacturers used lead in the making of the vinyl of the jumpers. If a rental company purchases their products from overseas manufacturers, those jumpers may still contain lead. Jumpers are usually used outside beneath a hot sun in the summer, and the chemicals from lead can be activated from heat and can come in contact with your children’s skin. Be sure to do your research and choose lead-free products.

Choose a reputable rental company that address each one of these safety features in all of their products, including jumpers. You can enjoy a worry-free event while your children have fun playing safely all day long.

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