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Plan your kid’s dream party!

All Star Jumper Rental Company in Los Angeles

Your kids’ party is ahead, and they keep going on and on about how they want something fun and original, and of course, something that beats the neighbors’ kids’ last party! As the awesome parent you are, nothing will make you happier than giving your little ones what they want; but sadly, you’re exhausted of all the work you do, and also, your financial status… well, let’s say it could be better. Don’t worry! At All Star Jumper Rentals in Los Angeles, we have a wide variety of Inflatables: Bounce Houses and Jumpers! What kid wouldn’t want a Jumper for his birthday?

At this point, we know you’re thinking: “my house is too small for a Jumper”, well, think again! We have jumpers all sizes that can fit in almost any space! Cool, isn’t it? And it keeps getting better; we offer the best prices of the market. So, we can work on a budget and adjust it according to your necessities. We also offer you the chance to customize your Mini Inflatable depending on the theme of your party with no extra charges! Just go to our website and check our Jumpers catalog and let your kids select the one they love the most! Or choose one yourself and give your child the best birthday party of his life!

All Star Jumper Rentals Los Angeles, offers a big range of products to satisfy any kid’s, or parents’, demands. We also have Water Slides, for an amazing pool birthday party. Simply visit our website, we guarantee you we have an Inflatable that will fulfill your desires. We have a wide variety for you to choose from.

So, now that the entertainment is set, you have to think about the food! No party is complete without the food… At All Star Jumper Rentals in Los Angeles, we have a set of kids’, and parents’, favorites. From Popcorn and Cotton Candy machines, to Hot Dog Steamer and Margarita machines. We even have a Snow Cone Maker! Come to our web site and click on the Fun Food section. We can assure you your kids’ birthday party will be a total knockout, even better than the last one!

You can count on All Star jumper Rentals Los Angeles to make your kids’ party an occasion that everyone in the neighborhood will remember! Call us at (949) 294-5341 or (714) 494-4851. For more info, you can Email us at and don’t forget to visit our website

Event Planning Company

Event Planning with Kid’s Party Rentals

Kid’s jumping castles are not just extra large beach balls.  Jump 2 All Stars Orange County offers extra large inflatables with colorful artwork and cartoons while the kids jump and play for fun, recreation and relaxation.  We offer several designs and styles to fit all your party planning needs.  From the basic Moon Walk rentals to inflatable Slides, Castles and Space Jump rentals there is sure to be something to entertain the children.  It doesn’t matter what the event is, Orange County Jump 2 All Stars has what you want.

A partial list of the styles we offer is below:

  1. Birthday
  2. Boxing Ring
  3. Fun House
  4. Spiderman
  5. Balloon Adventure
  6. Princess Castle
  7. Dinosaur
  8. Pirate
  9. Rocket Ship
  10. Sea World
  11. Carousel
  12. Monster Truck
  13. Elmo
  14. Mickey Mouse
  15. Disney Princess
  16. Choo Choo Train
  17. Fire Truck
  18. Mini Jumper – with ball pond

Jump 2 All Stars offers combo jumpers which have slides and bounce house combined.  We also have inflatable water slides, snowboard simulator and rock climbing wall.  Jump to All Stars has been in business for years so we understand what you need, what makes the children happy and that price and safety are important.

We will deliver and set up at your home or party site (additional fees if setup is inside a park that charges admission fees – and must have permission to setup in all public areas), but we will help assist you with what you need.

We offer clean, sanitized inflatables, with a strong focus on safety a priority and are completely insured.  You can rent from Jump 2 All Stars with peace of mind, confidence and enjoy the event.

Don’t forget that you can round out the event with fun food machines, such as: popcorn, margarita (for the adults of course), nacho chips, hot dog steamer, cotton candy and snow cone machines.  Don’t just “plan” a party.  Have a party and then have a ball watching the smiles from ear to ear.

Check out Jump 2 All Stars Orange County today and look through our catalog to plan your next event.  If there is something you want but don’t see, be sure to ask.  If we don’t have it (seldom happens), we will try to get it for you so plan your event with confidence.

Jumper Rental Service Orange County

When You Say ‘Party Jumpers’ you’ve Said it All

Feeling overwhelmed from work but your kid’s special day is coming up? We know the feeling. You need to sort something decent and fun fast but do not have the time and energy to take care of every little detail.

Did you know that party jumpers don’t have to be big in size? They come in different shapes and dimensions that can fit into almost any space. Party jumpers of Orange County’s rental company Jump2allstar will fit in any space at your garden or a backyard and will make your party the most unique one in the history of the whole neighborhood.

Party jumper is a safe, fun and beautiful solution for children which stirs up the imagination, energy, and competitive spirit. Your child is going to experience excitement like never before. Your little princess will have her own castle in which she will have a unique and compelling fun, together with her friends. If your boy likes to pretend to be a gladiator or a knight, he can get his own arena and have a very safe and entertaining “fight” that will provide him with immense pleasure and memories that will last for long.

Slides are fun for both small and older children. Sometimes for adults also. Nobody can resist charm and fun provided by colorful slides. Depending on the season, you can choose dry or water slides while both of them are going to create an unforgettable entertainment and cause exclamations of delight.

We all know that no party is complete without food and entertainment. When children are concerned, everything is cheerful and colorful, therefore the food offered shouldn’t provide anything less. Jump2allstar in Orange County offers various snow cone makers, popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, hot dog steamers, margarita machines, and nacho chip warmers for rent. Could it be better?

Yes! We’ll make your party perfect with our products like skateboard or surfboard simulators, rock climbing walls, mechanical bulls, sumo suits, human hamster race tracks, and many other interactive accessories. We are here for you if you need extra help in the form of renting party supplies like generators, folding and regular chairs, bubble makers or karaoke machines. A party organized with our assistance and our rental products is going to be the one that will stick into the memory of your guests for years. But not because you spent a lot of money but because it was fun and unique.

Briefly, the best thing you can do to make your party or celebration perfect is to turn to Jump2allstar! The best of all things is the fact that we offer the best quality, variety, and pricing in Orange County. Give us a call and let us make your event a great experience!


Why Choose All Star Jumpers

All Star Jumpers is here to cater for all your event and party needs. If you are a parent and want to organise an event like a birthday party or a celebration for your kid and at the same time have some of the following questions, we are definitely in a position to help you out!

  • Is it finally time to organise a party that really stands out?
  • Would you like an innovative and fantastic idea?
  • Would you like to see all your guests’ faces with a big huge smile?
  • Do you know how to turn your home or yard into a playground?
  • Do you know what a party needs in order to be remembered for months?So if you need a really distinctive party or event, here is something for you.

    All Star Jumpers come to a pre-arranged location bearing exciting toys and inflatable bouncers. More specifically we are able to provide:

  • Bounce houses
  • Wet and Dry Slides
  • Obstacle Courses and interactive games
  • Wall Climbing
  • Carnival Rides
  • Carnival Games
  • Sport Games
  • Toddler Games and Inflatables
  • Audio and Photo booth Rentals
  • Concessions
  • Tables, chairs and moreOur party and event solutions are second to none. They are also very convenient both to set up and disassemble but above all, they are guaranteed to make your kids birthday or your event one for the books! The party is bound to be remembered for the months to come. Moreover, the kids get a chance to exercise and defuse all the energy they have. Whether you’re thinking to use your home as the party venue, or a nursery or even a school, we can provide you with the perfect inflatable for you.

When you get in touch with Allstar Jumpers you will undoubtedly get the best possible service at the best possible price. We do not simply deliver bounce houses, but we also check them thoroughly, set them up, and then take them down when the event reaches an end. We also take great pride in the fact that all our products are safety certified with the highest standards.

As a professional bounce house company, safety is paramount and as such we’re fully insured and all of our products meet the respective safety standards.

Renting Inflatable Jumper

Safety Features To Consider When Renting An Inflatable Jumper

An inflatable jumper rental can be the ultimate fun experience for kids at a birthday, school carnival, or any other special event. Although, where there is high fun, there is also a higher risk of safety related issues. Be aware of these safety concerns when looking into hiring an inflatable jumper rental through a party rental company:


  • Easily-Accessible Entrances and Exits.


Children need to be able to easily and safely find their way in and out of an inflatable jumper. If a child is scared of the commotion going on inside of the jumper, then that child needs to be able to access the exit. Easily accessible entrances and exits also benefit the parents, making it easy for them to get to a child if an emergency occurs.


  • Slide Safety Nets.


If a child should accidentally fall off the side of a slide, or if another child is rough housing and pushes them off, it is important to have a safety net attached to the sides of the slide. Inflatable jumpers tend to get kids riled up, wanting to pull off “crazy” moves, and a safety nets takes the worry out of the kids using the jumper how they want to.


  • Water Slides With Inflatable Pool Floors.


Kids are sure to try to whip down a water slide as fast as they can, and a slide without an inflatable pool floor at the bottom will make for a hard landing. Your kids will be protected from any injuries caused by slamming into a rock-hard surface, rather than landing on an inflatable floor.


  • Adequate Installation and Anchoring Tools.


It is imperative to everyone involved in enjoying an inflatable jumper that the rental company performs adequate and proper installation and anchoring techniques with solid tools. An inflatable jumper needs to have at least 4 anchoring points with strong stakes and straps, and the bigger the inflatable, the more lines it may need.


  • Choose a Jumper Without Lead Materials.


In the past, inflatable rental manufacturers used lead in the making of the vinyl of the jumpers. If a rental company purchases their products from overseas manufacturers, those jumpers may still contain lead. Jumpers are usually used outside beneath a hot sun in the summer, and the chemicals from lead can be activated from heat and can come in contact with your children’s skin. Be sure to do your research and choose lead-free products.

Choose a reputable rental company that address each one of these safety features in all of their products, including jumpers. You can enjoy a worry-free event while your children have fun playing safely all day long.

Orange County Jumper Rental Company

6 Questions To Ask A Jumper Rental Company

When deciding to rent an inflatable jumper, or bounce house, from a party rental company, there are a few questions you will want to ask right away. Safety concerns, budget, and availability are of the most important to establish before committing and booking a rental company.

Here are 6 questions to have ready when speaking with a jumper rental company:


  • Do You Carry Insurance?


A professional party rental company will have insurance to cover any unexpected accidents or injuries happening as a result of their jumper rental. This will protect yourself and the rental company for any charges due to medical expenses.


  • Do You Clean Your Jumpers Before Each Rental Pickup?


Be sure you’re renting from a company that sets high health and sanitation standards. Germs are easily spreadable, and a party company can rent out a single jumper multiple times in a single day or week. Make sure the rental staff thoroughly cleans and sanitizes each and every inflatable rental before a customer picks it up for an event.


  • How Long Have You Been In Business?


This is another safety related question, because if a rental company has been in business for many years, then they must provide quality products and services that people have trusted and recommended to friends for a long time. The opposite goes for a company that is brand new, and doesn’t have a reputation for high-quality service. You want to make sure you’re hiring a company with plenty of experience of installing quality products, such as jumpers, thoroughly and without any previous accidents.


  • Where Is Your Location And Where Do You Deliver?


Before booking a service with a party rental company, you want to be sure that they deliver to your specific location. Also, if you are outside of their normal delivery borders, they may charge a hefty delivery fee. If you wish to avoid paying an added fee, be sure to hire a rental company that is close to you, and can easily get to your location.


  • Do You Provide Any Discounts or Specials?


Some rental companies offer discounted rates if you were referred by a friend or family member. Some also offer special prices if you plan to rent more than one product. Be sure to ask since the company may not advertise the discount rates.


  • Are Your Jumpers Brand New?


As a parent, it would be reassuring to know that the inflatable rental your kids and their friends are wildly jumping on is new and without any defects caused by wear and tear. Going beyond safety issues, an older jumper with patched holes, faded colors, and grass/dirt stains doesn’t look nearly as nice and exciting as a brand new inflatable bounce house.

Remember these questions when looking into renting a jumper through a party rental company. You can never be too sure where safety, budget, and high-quality service are concerns.

All Star Jumpers Corona Del Mar

7 Safety Rules from All Star Jumpers of Corona Del Mar

Kiddie parties are made much more enjoyable with inflatable jumpers and bounce houses in Corona Del Mar. They’re also made much safer if rules for safety are observed at all times. As the provider or high quality and safe jumpers, we at All Star Jumpers of Corona Del Mar make a point of always showing our clients the safety features of our products and guiding them with rules that they and their kids should observe at all times.

We have put together the seven safety rules that everyone should follow whenever they are using our party jumpers to ensure safety and to make the party a lot more enjoyable.

1. Kids must be supervised by an adult at all times

Parents or guardians must always keep an eye on kids whenever they are playing in the jumpers. This must be observed whether our staff is around or not to ensure maximum safety.

2. Take note of the jumper’s capacity

We want every kid in the party to enjoy our jumpers, but each jumper has a maximum capacity. It can only serve a specific number of kids and weight at a time. Kids must take turns in order to observe this very important rule.

3. When outdoors, jumpers are not be used on severe weather conditions

Kids may get injured when using jumpers outdoors under severe weather conditions such as strong winds or rain. Jumpers must only be used under fair weather condition.

4. Kids with physical disability are not allowed in the jumper

Playing in the jumpers is very exerting. We advise that kids with physical impairment are not to be allowed in them, especially those with head, neck and bone injuries and ailments.

5. Shoes and other wearables are to removed

Shoes, eyeglasses, necklaces and other wearables are not allowed in the bounce houses and jumpers, as these could puncture them. When deflated, kids could get out of balance and cause injury. Pockets must be emptied before entering the inflatables.

6. Hot objects are not allowed

Hot objects are not allowed around or inside the inflatables. These could injure the occupants or cause damage to the bounce house.

7. Food, candy, face paint and silly string are not allowed

These and similar items are absolutely not allowed inside or near any of the jumpers. They may cause injury to other kids at play and damage to the inflatables.

We at All Star Jumpers of Corona Del Mar are committed to providing total fun and entertainment to every party that we serve. We’re also committed to safety. Which is why we make a point of ensuring that all of the safety rules are being observed while your kids are engaged in fun activities in our jumpers and bounce houses.

With safety comes more fun and happiness.

To learn more about renting our jumpers and bounce houses in Corona Del Mar, call All Star Jumper Rentals at 1-877-778-8724 or fill out our contact form today.

Orange County Jumper Rental Company

All Star Jumpers of Orange County: Rules for a Safer and More Enjoyable Party

Nothing beats a great children’s party with inflatable jumpers and bounce houses. That’s the Orange County All Star Jumper Rentals’ guarantee. We offer a wide range of jumpers and bounce houses with safety features to ensure a more enjoyable party and playtime for kids. And we take safety even further by providing our customers with rules to follow.

To ensure that kids have a great and safe time while using inflatable jumpers, below are some of the safety rules to follow:

Enforce adult supervision at all times

This is the most important rule. An adult must always be close by to ensure safety, whether an All Star staff is in attendance or not.

Follow the capacity rule

As much as we want to accommodate every child in attendance all at the same time, our party jumpers and bounce houses have limited capacity which should be observed to avoid injury.

Avoid using the jumpers during extreme weather conditions

To avoid injuries, it is advised to avoid the use of jumpers during periods of rain or strong winds. Use only during favorable weather conditions.

Use only for children with no physical disability

Jumpers are physically exerting. This is why we advise the use of jumpers only for kids with no physical impairment. Those who are ill, with back, neck or other bone problems are advised not to use the jumpers.

Remove shoes and wearables

Shoes, jewelry, eyeglasses, necklaces and other sharp objects aren’t allowed in the bounce houses or jumpers. These could puncture the inflatables and cause injury to other occupants. It is also advised to empty pockets before using the inflatables.

No hot objects allowed

Hot objects are not allowed inside or near the jumpers. They could cause injury to other occupants or damage the inflatables.

No silly string, gum, candy, any food or drinks and face paint allowed

At absolutely no time are these items allowed inside the jumpers. These could cause injury to other occupants and may damage the inflatable.

Other Do’s inside the jumpers and bounce houses

To further ensure safety inside and outside the inflatables, the following rules should be observed at all times:

  • Participants are absolutely not allowed to do flips and wrestling in the jumpers
  • Do not get inside a bouncer with kids not of your own age and size
  • No sitting or lying down while other kids are jumping around
  • No jumping down the slide
  • No running or jumping when entering and exiting the jumper or bounce house doors
  • No jumping on the entry step of any of the jumpers
  • No climbing on the exterior of the jumpers

At All Star Jumpers of Orange County, it is our primary objective to provide enjoyment and safety while kids are happily engaged in our inflatables. By following these rules when using our party jumpers and bounce houses, your kids are sure to enjoy more while being safer.

For more information on our Orange County jumpers and bounce houses, call All Star Jumper Rentals at 1-877-778-8724 or fill out our contact form today.