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All Star Jumpers of Orange County: Rules for a Safer and More Enjoyable Party

Nothing beats a great children’s party with inflatable jumpers and bounce houses. That’s the Orange County All Star Jumper Rentals’ guarantee. We offer a wide range of jumpers and bounce houses with safety features to ensure a more enjoyable party and playtime for kids. And we take safety even further by providing our customers with rules to follow.

To ensure that kids have a great and safe time while using inflatable jumpers, below are some of the safety rules to follow:

Enforce adult supervision at all times

This is the most important rule. An adult must always be close by to ensure safety, whether an All Star staff is in attendance or not.

Follow the capacity rule

As much as we want to accommodate every child in attendance all at the same time, our party jumpers and bounce houses have limited capacity which should be observed to avoid injury.

Avoid using the jumpers during extreme weather conditions

To avoid injuries, it is advised to avoid the use of jumpers during periods of rain or strong winds. Use only during favorable weather conditions.

Use only for children with no physical disability

Jumpers are physically exerting. This is why we advise the use of jumpers only for kids with no physical impairment. Those who are ill, with back, neck or other bone problems are advised not to use the jumpers.

Remove shoes and wearables

Shoes, jewelry, eyeglasses, necklaces and other sharp objects aren’t allowed in the bounce houses or jumpers. These could puncture the inflatables and cause injury to other occupants. It is also advised to empty pockets before using the inflatables.

No hot objects allowed

Hot objects are not allowed inside or near the jumpers. They could cause injury to other occupants or damage the inflatables.

No silly string, gum, candy, any food or drinks and face paint allowed

At absolutely no time are these items allowed inside the jumpers. These could cause injury to other occupants and may damage the inflatable.

Other Do’s inside the jumpers and bounce houses

To further ensure safety inside and outside the inflatables, the following rules should be observed at all times:

  • Participants are absolutely not allowed to do flips and wrestling in the jumpers
  • Do not get inside a bouncer with kids not of your own age and size
  • No sitting or lying down while other kids are jumping around
  • No jumping down the slide
  • No running or jumping when entering and exiting the jumper or bounce house doors
  • No jumping on the entry step of any of the jumpers
  • No climbing on the exterior of the jumpers

At All Star Jumpers of Orange County, it is our primary objective to provide enjoyment and safety while kids are happily engaged in our inflatables. By following these rules when using our party jumpers and bounce houses, your kids are sure to enjoy more while being safer.

For more information on our Orange County jumpers and bounce houses, call All Star Jumper Rentals at 1-877-778-8724 or fill out our contact form today.