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Mechanical Bull

Rent the Mechanical Bull for your next church function, birthday party, corporate event or special event. The Mechanical Bull is available for rent in Orange County, the greater Los Angeles area, Inland Empire and San Diego. The Mechanical Bull is a serious challenge, testing your ability to ride just like the cowboys. Safe enough for children, tough enough for professional bull riders! The Mechanical Bull Simulator is more than just a ride, it’s an experience filled with realistic rodeo action. 

21L x 18W x 8H

**Space required: 24L x 21W x10H


Only one rider / participant is allowed at a time. Maximum weight  250 pounds.   

Please obey operator’s instructions at all times. Observers should not lean on or sit on the 
inflatable safety surround at any time.  
Observers should not interfere with the rider or operator at any time.   
Participants should not over exaggerate their movements at any time (bobbing head, extreme movement, etc.).   
Participants should not jump onto or off of the ride at any time.   
If you fall off of the ride, do not move until the operator has brought the ride to a complete stop, and advised you to get back onto the Mechanical Bull or Surfboard, or to exit the ride.

Customer is responsible for electrical requirements.

Customer is responsible for providing adult supervision at all times.

Customer ensures delivery path from drop-off is hardened and level with no steps.   

Customer ensures set-up area is dry. Please confirm watering system is inoperable and set-up area is not wet/soggy. Wet/soggy areas will cause cancellation at full rental price.

All Star Jumper Rentals will exercise extreme caution regarding delivery, set-up, operations and removal of the games/services. However, customer is responsible for any and all damages occurring to grounds, sprinkler/drainage systems, flooring, steps, walls or any portion of the delivery path and set-up area. The customer assumes any and all damages that may arise from delivering and setting up the requested game/service. 

 Customer understands that injuries have happened using the rented game/service, injuries will happen in the future and there is the potential for injury during use by the Customer and his/her guests. Customer assumes the risk of renting the arranged game/service.

All Mechanical Bulls are considered a ride, therefore they must be licensed by the Division of Operational Safety and Health from the State of California. Our mechanicall bull complies with all the regulations from the State of California.

ID# 909

Please call us at 949-294-5341 or 714-494-4851 or

Mechanical Bull

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Address: 6 McLaren, Irvine, Orange County, CA 92618
Phone: (949)294-5341 / (714)494-4851 | Fax: (800)288-9026 Se habla espanol *Liability Insured and Park Approved*
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