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Extreme Air Jumper

The award winning Extreme Air In Line™ allows participants to soar high in the air. Designed from the popularity of extreme board sports and the original mobile Monkey Motion™ (winner of best new product two years in a row) the Extreme Air In Line™ simulates your favorite board sports up to 25 feet in the air.  Perform back flips, and other extreme tricks! The market trend has proven that the award winning Extreme Air In Line™ has generated the next wave of extreme, interactive fun!  

Unparalleled in comparison to any other bungee product on the market!!!!!!

Space required 30 x 45 (7ft wide acces path required)

Watch the Extreme in Line Jumper in action:

The Extreme Air In Line Is Great For All Ages

Depending on the type of event, you can experience a wide range of participants. You will attract your events with children and teenagers between the ages of 7-18.

An Extreme In Line Jumper is perfect for corporate events, military recruiting, malls, fairs, farmer’s markets, marketing and promotions, zoos, water parks, schools and anywhere you can fit an air jumper!

SAFETY RULES Before You Start


  • Always follow the instructions given by the operator.

  • After you are placed into the harness, stay in the harnessing area.

  • Wait until the operator leads you to the jump station.

  • Do Not step on the inflatable pad until informed to do so.

    During Your Jump Session

  • Stay above the inflatable pad when jumping. Always aim for the pad when descending downward toward the pad.

  • Do Not grab and pull on the poles with your hands.

  • Use only the jump straps to assist your jumping.

  • Do Not jump without the jump slings attached to the jump harness.

  • Do Not begin your jumping until you are raised up in the air.

  • Do Not walk under jump poles.

    Ending Your Session

  • Stop performing extreme movements, such as flips, when notified by the operator to

    stop jumping.

  • When you are lowered down onto the pad, remain relaxed and land with your feet first on the pad.

  • Do Not attempt to remove the harness or jump straps. An operator will remove these from you at the appropriate time after your jumping session has ended.

  • Once the jump slings are removed from the harness and you are informed by the operator it is OK, go to the harnessing area for removal of the harness.

  • Allow the operator to remove the harness from you. 


ID# 914

Please call us at 949-294-5341 or 714-494-4851 or

Extreme Air Jumper

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